Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nature Class and Halloween Party

Oh so much fun to be had but so little time!  The kids were so excited to wear their costumes to Nature Class today.  Miss.Chanda our teacher even pretended one of our swords was her pointer for the board.  She is so amazing with the kids and they love going to visit her as much as possible.   She is truly an amazing person and we are so blessed to have met her! 

 Today's Nature Class was on Geology.  We learned about how rocks form, the rock cycle, uses for rocks, types of rocks and then made a Japanese Rock Garden. 

While the kids were on their Nature walk a few of the moms prepared for the much anticipated Halloween Party.  They finally got to wear their costumes and see their friend's costumes! They got to play games!  I found some really neat ones on this website: Halloween Games  We did the Eyeball Relay and Mummy Wrap---I loved hearing the kids cackle while they played these:)   All the moms pitched in with decorations and snacks and I would have to say it was a success!   Can't wait to do this again next year:)
Kitty and Daniel Boone

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John and Marsha said...

I will not let my girls read this one. They were already disappointed about missing this particular class, but to find out they missed out on making a Japanese rock garden would be so much worse. Glad to hear so much fun was had!