Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun at Charlotte Mason Co-op Today

A friend of ours has a Charlotte Mason Co-op. It's a very small co-op with only a few members.  They meet weekly all year rain or shine, hot or cold. It takes dedication and commitment and so it's something I've been giving lots of thought to.   Today we went for the first time to try it out to see how what we thought.   They do Circle Time, Show-N-Tell, Artist/Picture Study, Handicrafts, Nature Study, Nature Books, and more.  Both kids LOVED it today.  They are really looking forward to next time and I am too.
    After hearing more about Charlotte Mason last year I checked out some books from the library and begin researching more online.  While I know we will not use everything Charlotte Mason, there is so much about it that really appeals to me.  I am looking forward to this school year and learning more about the CM style of teaching/learning and joining in on with this group as much as we possibly can.
I also ordered a few nature books about 2 weeks ago.  I ordered Pocketful of Pinecones and  Last Child in the Woods. I began reading these but have been too busy to get past Chapter 1.....I really want to set aside some time this winter to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy these.   I also ordered the Handbook of Nature Studies---I was so excited when this one arrived.   I am planning to do as many Nature Studies as we can and I want to combine it with our Audubon guides and  the Blog: Handbook of Nature Study Blog

These are a few pictures from today(It rained much of the morning but the sun popped out for a while this afternoon):

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