Friday, October 29, 2010

Art Supplies at a huge savings!!

This school year for Art we are planning to try out Artistic Pursuits book 1 and Art with a Purpose.  I had been slowly gathering the supplies and just using 40% coupons at Micheal's each time we needed to make a trip to Target for something.   Well 2 weeks ago Micheal's had a coupon in the paper for 40% your TOTAL for Paints, Markers, Pens.  I was so excited to be able to complete my list of needed art supplies for the school year:)  Well on top of the great coupon I found this line called Artists Loft for around $4.99 each. For anyone that has recently bought art supplies it is rather expensive so to find these for so much less really made my day!! I'm not sure what the overall quality is but it looks pretty nice and the kids aren't really concerned with quality at this age.  So my total for everything in this picture was only ......$32.90!!!!!!!!  


Wendy said...

Awesome deal!! I'm sorry I missed that one! Are you signed up to get their newsletter? They send the 40% coupons to you every week and you could print out more than one - but I didn't tell you that ;-)

April said...

I used to get those but something happened and I stopped getting their emails. Maybe a glitch. I'll have to get back on there email list:) Thanks for letting me know that they still do the coupons!