Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

Megan with her Tiger Whiskers.......Can you believe last night at bed time she went to the bathroom and washed her own face before going to bed.....I love stuff like that!!!

Tyler finally got to be Jango Fett. Boy was he a happy kid, except that when he were the cheesey helmet that came with the costume he could not see where he was going....

The kids warming up by the heater. Megan ended up with a blanket and a heater while she sat on the porch and handed out candy while Todd and Tyler went trick or treating and me and my parents enjoyed bowls of nice hot Chili. This is the best way to spent a cool Halloween night.

My parents and the kids waiting for the Trick R Treaters to make there way to our end of the street. I love having my parents come over and join us each year for Halloween!!

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