Saturday, November 01, 2008

Child shot while Trick or Treating and another note

OK so what has the world come to when you now get shot for trick or treating? This was a news report from this morning:

On a side note from this. In our neighborhood last night it was a lot different than it has been in previous years. The years up until this one that were always so many awesome costumes and we did not have a single trick or treater not dressed up. Well this year be had GROUPS of kids come by without a costume or even any face paint, they only wore there street clothes and a plastic Wal-mart bag. And I do not mean teenagers. One mom brought her children by and there ages were from about 2-teenager. She had about 8 kids. They trick or treated at our house and of course we gave them candy and then as they were walking away she said" come on kids let's go get you some more Candy" They were so gloomy. I really felt sorry for them and I did recognize that they were actually related to one of our neighbors, how sad. And this seemed to be the way it was much of the night. Even if you can not afford a costume, if you can afford the gas to come at least buy a tube of paint and paint everyone's face for a dollar. Some kids were really happy and into the trick or treating with there smiles. But so many of the kids that came by would even smile.
Things really are changing everywhere and all around us.

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