Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eye Opening--Human suffering worldwide

After looking at Ira's Gallery last night, I could not stop thinking about the people living in other countries such as these in Cambodia. How can our country spend what they do on things such as a space program, fighting wars, etc? When there are children digging in the trash for food for there swollen tummies. How can people live in Multi-Million dollar homes when there are people that do not have a pillow to lay there heads on? How can people cry about all the things they did not receive at the holidays when there are people that do not have as much as a shirt or a pair of shoes. I wonder if we as Americans really now how lucky we are???? I really don't think so. I look around our city and see drugs, gangs, road rage, rape, murder, teen pregnancy, families out of touch, racism, gossip, judgement. People full of jealousy, hate, revenge, greed and pure selfishness. Why is it so hard to live by the golden rule? Why do people have trouble loving there neighbors? How can people hurt each other? Why is world peace such a difficult thing?
I often hear that the poor worry about money and the rich worry that they may lose there money? Was this really the way things were suppose to be? No matter how much I try to figure these things out I know I will never understand..........

But maybe those that think like me....maybe we can make a small difference in the world. Doing something must be better than doing nothing.
Below is a charity Ira has shared on his page, I would like to forward this on to any of my readers also. Also if anyone else that visits me knows of any other legitimate charities that are trustworthy please leave me a comment below so that these can be shared with other people.

One way we can help

Also on a side note another charity that is well worth supporting is the Make-a-Wish foundation. This foundation helps fill the dreams of children with cancer. They came though when my brother had cancer at 16.

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Jessica said...

I peeked at the pbase gallery. I thought the photos were very good. Like something out of National Geographic. Kevin's dad went to Cambodia on a mission trip. He and a team built a bathroom for a schoolhouse there. The pictures he brought back were nothing like this guys but I remember there was lots of mud! Pictures like those, in my opinion, are supposed to stir our souls to go beyond ourselves to help those less fortunate. I was troubled by the dialogue towards the end of the gallery that still seemed to focus on "us" and our role in the lives of those less fortunate. I think what you're doing by teaching your children about this is the right thing to do. Keep up the good work and your kids will be the better for it, that's a promise. Here's another promise..."train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)