Sunday, May 18, 2008

World Wide Web

I just looked up Cambodia on Yahoo in hopes to learn more about this country. What an awful government they have there. Even if the US was providing more aid it seems there government would keep much of it. I hope we can find ways to help each other without having to depend on our governments. All of this is so new to me. I would like to learn more. These are the kinds of things I want my children to someday begin to try to understand in our homeschooling geography. I want them to not only know where a place is located on the map but I want them to understand the way others live and have a basic understanding of life outside of there own city and there own country. I want them to empathize and have a since of the big picture.
The Internet has opened the door and pathway to so many things. I know on the news I hear of all the things you can't trust about the Internet, etc. But the Internet is providing a way for us to link to one another and learn about each other in the lives we live and through many hobbies we share. I think the Internet holds the key to so many more things than we realize. I love how wonderful it is that I can log in and communicate with someone on the other side of the world and feel that they are human. Watching the news I only get the views of the media and what they want me to hear and how they tell it. Reading history books(although very useful) these only give me one view as well. Travel agencies...well they only show you the best of what they want you to see. Well having access to the world wide web allows me to get many views and gather information from many sources to better allow me to form my own thoughts on what ever the subject may be. I recall taking a Statics course in college and this course taught me to think critically. I now almost never believe any surveys EVER...never.. ever. Everyone should take one of these classes....a good one like I took. Our instructor actually gave us assignments and had us conduct surveys and I must say it was a valuable course in opening our eyes on how we judge and what we choose to believe.

Ok so I got on a bit of a rambling kick. I notice I do this from time to time.

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