Monday, April 14, 2008

Friend's Wedding

On Saturday, a friend of ours had there wedding. My brother and cousin were groomsmen in the wedding. SO I asked the bride who I had never met if It would be ok it I took some pictures if I promised not to get in the way of the photographer they hired. I was so pleased when she said I could. And she even invited me to come for there hair and makeup to take pictures for her. I use my 50mm lens almost the entire day and night because I either did not want to blind them with my flash or at the Wedding I did not want to risk messing up the photographer's picture they took. Wedding's move so fast, in a blink it seemed like the day came to an end. I most say though Weddings although very stressful are so sweet. I love hearing the preacher, the vowels, the music, the beautiful gowns, the dancing, Oh I could go on and on. I sometimes do not understand how some couples just slip away. How is divorce so high when it begins so full of life.... I really think I could just hang out at a wedding once a month, it really is such a special day.

These are a few of my personal favorite pictures that I took during the event(and of course I have more at: Friend's Wedding Pics ):

This is one of the pictures I managed to snap of my little brother. It's so hard to catch a shot of him. I wish he was one that loved the camera, because I do love taking pictures. Maybe someday I will convert him to the picture loving kind of people. In this picture I am of course begging him for 1 more picture(okay "one more " is not really something I know because "one more".... well that really means 10 more and I think he knows me by now. SO I think I'm going to have to perfect my skills for that one shot he gives me. And to think his first tux I barely got any pictures of him. ....)

Okay and then this picture----It's very dimly lit and Completely out of focus but I love it, Todd said he does too. When I look at it I feel as tough I am moving back in time, Does that make since?

I know alot of people love color prints, I do too. But some pictures I just love seeing in black and white, that's just me, I can not help it. So these are just a couple of my favorites from the wedding. I have alot more favorites, but I can not post them all. If you want to see more color prints or more that I took then go check out Pbase.


sea glass hearts..... Laurie said...

Hi,I just wanted to say hello. I found your blog today.
I'm a homeschool mom of 3 in CA.
I really like your wedding pictures. I love photography also.
How do you get your name on top of the pictures to protect them?
Have a great day.

April said...

Thanks for stopping to say hi and the nice comment.
I place my name on the front of my photos using photoshop CS3. I love this program and I am able to do so many things with it. I am sure you could add your name using other programs too I'm just not familiar with how to on the other ones.