Monday, February 25, 2008

First Yuckies of 2008

It began with Todd around Wed. Thursday Morning we were suppose to go on a field trip to the post post office to see how mail is sorted and all the fun stuff but Tyler woke up not feeling well. He is still tired and has a cough. And now it's been mine and Megan's turn. She has slept for 2 days and nights. It is always so hard to see them not feeling well and I always stress that they make sure they continue to drink. So far what has been working for Megan is telling her she will have to go to the dr if she does not drink or take her Tylenol. Since she just had 4 shots in the arm there last month she has no desire to return anytime soon!!

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alatte4me2 said...

It's no fun having sick little ones, and certainly no fun being sick too. I know it's hard.

Hope you guys are feeling much better by now. Saying a few get well prayers for you.