Friday, February 29, 2008

Reading Fun

For Tyler he really is good at reading he just doesn't like to read things he has to read. Like the Abeka readers. Megan enjoys the stories in these but he does not. However; we picked up a few books like the Star Wars books and he enjoys reading them. Also we loves playing the Star Wars Lego Game and so he has to read the screen(We will not read it for him only give him help when he needs it). Todd and Tyler aslo talked me into buying him the Walkthrough guide that goes along with the game and you know it's amazing how he can suddenly read great. It really is all about motivation!!!

Megan is also doing really good She recently read her first Bob Book--Dot. I love hearing her put the sounds together. To have just turned 4 years old I think she's doing great. I really hope she will continue her love of books.

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