Saturday, February 23, 2008

RC Plane assembling and foamies

This is a picture of Todd putting together a new slow stick. Previously he would build these out in the garage but now he comes in and spreads out on the dinner table. I love hanging out close by while he's building. But you know I thought us scrapbookers had a mess when we were working, take a look at the mess these RC guys can make. The mess is bigger when he's building the RC planes from foam.

Here are a few pictures of the foamies. At first he assembled these from planes he got off the internet but recently he has been designing his own and modifying the ones he has downloaded. The jets fly great and he loves them more than many of the expensive planes he has purchased in the past. The foamies only cost $3 or $4 in foam to build. So if you crash one it's not so bad. As long as your electronics and all that does not get damaged you just build another one and you're ready to fly again. If anyone reading this has any questions just send me an email and I will ask Todd about it. Link to F-22 Build Thread
Lots of great information on this site.
Also the foam used to build these is 6mm Depron. We order this from Also order there RC Foam glue. 1 bottle should get you 20 planes or more.

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