Saturday, January 05, 2008

This is me today.....

I let Todd and Tyler borrow my camera to get a couple of pictures of me, this does not happen that often. But I wanted to show my shirt that Todd got me for Christmas. He picked this one out himself and even wrapped it and put it under the tree. How sweet was that. Tyler told me Todd got perfume, so I thought I was going to be unwrapping a nice new bottle of Beautiful but instead it was a shirt that actually smelled like dirtbike tires since it came from the dirtbike store. I know I will remember this for years to come. Most women I am sure have no idea what Alpinestars even are so I wonder if when I wear this if anyone will think there's a new clothing store in town? We will see.
Also in this picture I got the scissors to my hair and did a little whacking on it. I know when some women want a little change they buy a new shade of lipstick not me I get the scissors and hope I don't get to carried away.
They also snapped a couple of quick pics of me cruising my dirtbike around the driveway. I wish we could have had time to ride but the guys had to get going to go meet a friend to fly RC planes. (It feels so weird to ride without gloves and boots. I feel naked without those. I also love having my riding pants and helmet, It just feels good to have that stuff on)
Remind you Todd and Tyler took these(they so need camera practice, but these I thought they did OK on):

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