Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Homeschool thoughts from today

Today we read a few books from our FIAR list and Homeschool share. Also we did a lot of the projects for these. So far with the switch I have been making to FIAR I am noticing it is alot more time on my part, I hope once I get into some habits and have it all figured out with the parts we do and do not like it will then speed up some. But on the part of the kids they are having fun while learning!! Tyler's eagerness has improved so much. He is actually wanting to write because the writing assignments are having more meaning than to just copy a passage because I said you have to copy it. To Tyler everything has got to make since and have a purpose or We both pull our hair out. I am slowly letting go of what I think we HAVE to do and I am trying to relax and slowly ease into a more nontraditional form of learning than what I thought we were suppose to do. In this recent change I can not believe how much I am learning in the process. I love the Caldecott books and so many of our more recent books. There are words and expressions I have never heard before. For the first time in my adult life I am wanting a dictionary beside me, and we are curious about what things mean and wanting more answers. Finally in the almost 3 years of homeschooling it is becoming what I thought it should be--- the whole natural state of wanting to know more because we want to and not because we have too. This is a path I want to continue on and see what more develops from it. I have to remind my self to not revert back to my old ways of thinking.
Now I just have to figure out where the dishes, laundry and cleaning tie it to all this fun!!

By the way these pictures are at the end of our day today. We ended with some glitter glue snowflakes and the reading of a few more books, which the kids LOVED.

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