Monday, November 05, 2007

Today at Carolina Adventure World

We took a couple of pictures with the point and shoot. I am dieing to take some real pictures just trying to figure out how to get my camera safely out on the trails. It's ruff and sandy.

The trails really are incredible. The entire time I am riding I go over in my head how to put the experience into words. You come up on the curves so quickly with trees right at the very edge some grazing the handlebars and the terrain can be unpredictable, sometimes sand other times very rocky. Your hands and eyes get tired but the excitement to see how fast you can clear the next turn and the fast shifting from lane to lane as you glide and lean into the next curve trying to always keep with the outer and then inner lanes is undiscribable. The land is so beautiful and the air feels so fresh blowing into your helmet. I enjoy riding so much. I get a little scared sometimes, and I can't ride anywhere near as fast as Todd and the guys and I've crashed more times than I am able to count, but I try not to let any of that bother me or effect the way I ride or the fun I'm having. I do not ride to race; although, when they fly past me I do like to give it a little extra gas just to see if I can attempt to be as fast as them for a second or two.

I've discovered alot of other things also while riding, like it's better to keep rolling a little faster than it is to slow way down or stop. The gravity holds me to the curves better and the speed pulls me up the hill better then if I panic and try to stop. This panic causes me to wreck. I do better when I relax and stay focused. I wish I had been video recording my ride at each stage to show the improvement I am making. Taking on this challenge to ride has given me a new meaning to the word determination.

And now Tyler is beginning to learn to ride and when I watched him ride yesterday I remember that was me only weeks ago, creaping over little bits of sand that now I fly over without even giving it any thought.

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