Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I got to scrapbook...................

Last night after everyone headed to bed I stayed up and scrapbooked. I figured I really need to start putting to use the "room" that Todd helped me put together. I got a page done last night and then this morning I woke up and got another one done before we had to begin our school work for the day. It felt good to play. I have learned to let go of the things that once bothered me. I do not worry so much any more if all the papers and letters are straight or if the paper colors all match. While I love the look of Computer journaling it is faster for me to pick up a pen and go to town on the page. Yes, I make mistakes (as I also do on here, sometimes my brain gets ahead of my hands). I am not perfect and neither are my scrapbook pages. The sun will still come up tomorrow even if I have typos and misspelled words. The kids currently enjoy looking at them. They also like looking at the pictures of themselves online, but sometimes I like to take a step back from technology, and just feel like a kid with a pair of scissors and let the kids sit back with a real picture album.
Here is a list of some of my Must-haves:

  • My Fiskars 12-ince paper trimmer

  • a good pair of scissors

  • my pens

  • tombow adhesives

  • An assortment of beautiful Bazzill Card stock ( I love this stuff)

  • photo corners

  • acrylic paint and brushes

  • brads and other fasteners

  • Xyron machine

  • Becky Higgins' books

  • Stacy Julian's books

  • My calendars and journals to refer back to

I also like having:

  • Stamps

  • punches

  • my Cricut(I really need to play with this to really figure it out)

  • my sizzix (this one is easier for me)

  • Rub-ons

  • Letter sticker

  • Jolee's

  • patterned paper

  • Photo Shop CS2

I really need to sit down and schedule time for myself to spend more time on this since it is something I enjoy. There were so many times I thought of packing it all up and typing up an ebay listing for it. But I sure would miss it. I just have to be sure I will always be able to have my albums moved with me and that they follow me to my nursing home so I will be able to look back over the years of my life and review it all again when everyone will be too busy to visit me or my memory becomes so that I do not remember the things I was certain I would not ever forget. I already see this happening everyday. Having kids really puts that memory to it's to most difficult challenge. At least with an anatomy test you get to study and review until you have it, that is not the case with children, as soon as you think oh my goodness this is adorable I will NEVER forgot this there is another one of those moments chasing at the heels of the last one. It's almost a vicious cycle I tell you.


Jess said...

Are the words "My Friend" stamped or rub-ons? I think on my own top ten list I'd have to add letter stamps as a must-have-can't-do-without item.

I like your pages! The colors are great! Now you've got me itching to scrapbook, but unfortunately no time *sigh*.

April said...

The "my friend" part is a rub-on. I love them. The rest of the page are MM foam stamps.

Thanks for the nice comments.

It always seems so hard to find the extra time and energy for scrapbooking, esp when you homeschool!!!