Sunday, November 04, 2007

Riding with my parents

I was so excited to have talked my parents into joining us to ride this weekend.

My mom has never really been around go-karts and dirt bikes except at amusement park places but even then she never rode them. Well after she rode around on our Buggy she was hooked. She couldn't believe how much fun it was. She even gave the little dirt bike a try but that did not work out so well. Her dirt bike career ended in less than 2 seconds with a fun wheelie bike launch story for her to tell for years to come.
My dad even skipped half his Nascar race on TV to come join us. Even though he was sore that night he really had a good time cruising around with us. I loved having my parents join us for the ride so much. It was so cool all of us riding together!!!! I wish Billy could have joined in too, but he said he wasn't feeling good. Hopefully we can get him to ride with us next time too.

This is kind of a goofy picture of me and Todd. My mom took it right after we pulled up from him taking me for a ride on his bike. Holy Moly I could not believe how fast it was going and it wasn't even full speed. Something about the thought of going 70 mph on a dirt bike just does not sound like fun to me. I did like riding while he drove though I could never have gone that fast by myself. I can't believe we've been together 14 years and I have just now built up enough trust to ride with him. Some things just take time. This is one of them.
This was one of the coolest weekends!!!!!

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