Friday, November 02, 2007

Megan---always amazing me!!

At a little over 3 1/2 years old Megan's Writing and Spelling is doing great. She picks up things so easy and begs for me to teach her new words. She amazes me so often and other people too. Her spelling is better than some of the public school Kindergartner's that we have recently met. I hope she continues on this same path. In this picture she took it upon herself to write these words. I was only along for the picture taking.
She has known her alphabet for over a year. But she is able to spell the following words: Megan ; Cat; Pat; Rat; Sat; Mat; Fat; Bat; GOD; Mom; Dad; Nana ; Dog
She can also count to 100 with some assistance. She knows all her colors and most shapes---She will even have discussions about the difference in the number of sides a octagon, hexagon, and pentagon have. I began using Explode the code: Get ready for the Code with her and these were going great until we got to the letter K and since she knew that Cat began with C she was sure the book was wrong when it told her that Kitten began with K. She became frustrated with the book and decided she did not like it anymore because it was incorrect. There were a few other things she wasn't sure were right either. So I parked it on the shelf until later when she is ready to change her mind. She's pretty strong willed about things and everything being exactly the way she know it is suppose to be, For instance you wash your hands before and after you eat and no one takes food out of the kitchen-----This means everyone and she sounds the alarm if anyone tries to sneak past. It really is so cute seeing a child like Megan. Both she and Tyler are so unique but in such different ways. I wish I could hold on to each day and not forget so many of the things they do. I wish I had one of those chips like in the Robin Williams movie--The Final Cut. How cool would that be but to get to review it any time you wanted....
(This picture was taken at the end of Sept and I have had it sitting in my file and I am just now finally posting it.)

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