Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good -bye Mr. Jinx

We have had Mr Jinx since Megan was a little over a year old But he has had some biting and behavioural problems. He's a good cat but not suited for small children or neighbors dogs coming into the yard. These things as times gets to him. I have done everything I can think of and I even visited with my vet about him. My vet also advised me to find him a new home. I have been giving him one more chance for as long as I can remember but today was the final day. I took him to our local animal shelter were they said they will help him find the home that's better suited for him. In a lot of ways I feel relief and in so many other ways I am sad. Caring about something you love but having to let it go is never easy. On the way home it also brought back a lot of the memories from when Spook died. He was the cat me and Todd had from before we even had children. He was an awesome cat. We were both so upset when he passed away.
I am praying Mr. Jinx finds a home that is calm and quiet where he will be happy. I even sent his basket with him that he sleeps in every night so that hopefully he will not feel too homesick tonight in his kennel. I was so tempted to put all his pictures into an album to send with him for his new family to see of him growing up, but then I thought and you know the place I took him to is not the nicest resort and I'm sure they would have tossed it the minute I left so I figured I would keep his pictures for the kids in case they ever want to see them to remember him.

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