Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things I dislike

I will work on my list below as I have the time until I complete it:
  1. Wet Socks(yes this is my #1 if there is a drop of water anywhere my socks will find it)
  2. Stepping in Gum
  3. Being sick
  4. Fire Ants
  5. solicitors
  6. whining
  7. having car trouble
  8. cussing or other rude language
  9. a messy house
  10. public restrooms
  11. having blood drawn
  12. waiting
  13. companies that can improve things but choose not to
  14. gossip
  15. smell of burnt popcorn
  16. law breakers
  17. computer viruses and pop-ups
  18. Racism
  19. insensitive people
  20. America's healthcare system(parts of it) (it's sad people can not afford to go to the Dr when they need too)
  21. dirty beaches
  22. Saitin

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