Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I love

I will add to this list until I have completed it, to do it all in one day is a bit much, So here it goes: ( I did a scrapbook page similiar to this a few years ago)
  1. My Family
  2. God
  3. Homeschooling
  4. Photography
  5. Hot Showers
  6. Dirt Bikes
  7. Mountain Dew (I keep saying I'm giving this one up)
  8. Fall
  9. Beautiful Parfum
  10. My Scrapbooks
  11. Warm Comforters
  12. Soft Socks
  13. Tacos
  14. Candy
  15. The mountains
  16. long sleeve t-shirts and a new pr of jeans
  17. hearing the kids play
  18. Cuddling up to watch a movie
  19. Table tennis
  20. relaxing
  21. reading
  22. looking at pictures
  23. nature trails (to walk or ride)
  24. the Zoo
  25. Lancome Makeup (and there brushes--the best!!)
  26. Organzing
  27. candles
  28. when the house is clean(this lasts a short amount of time)
  29. Our Home
  30. Riding Go-karts with the kids
  31. Books-A-Million
  32. sleeping and dreaming ( I have the best dreams sometimes)
  33. wildlife
  34. outdoor events when the weather is perfect
  35. Planning and decorating for things like birthday parties
  36. being able to help someone
  37. learning about other cultures around the world

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