Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Learning Space

This is where we will be this school year. I tried moving things to Tyler's room but changed my mind and moved things back to the dining room this week. It looks so nice and clean I already know it will not stay this way. I want to add another small bookshelf and figure out a safe home for all our arts and crafts stuff(messy paint, a 3 year old, and carpet do not mix well). I have the Math Manipulatives in little pull out drawers where the kids can play with them any time they want. The bookshelves I arranged by subject----such as one shelf is all history and social studies while another shelf is for science. I have also set up some baskets with Megan's books too. I want to space to be as kid friendly as I can make it.


Jess said...

Did you decorate that little bulletin board yourself? Have you used it for anything yet? I'd like to try that.

April said...

Yes, All of it came from Michael's craft store.
I had planned to use it for various things throughout the year, But the kids beat me to it. They have been putting there art work up on display on it.
I may have to get another one for myself. I remember always loving bulletin boards when I younger.