Thursday, August 23, 2007


This is how it feels anyway.
The past 5 weeks I have taken on the entire house all at one time. My Closet, My scrapbook Supplies, Tyler's room, Megan's room, the pantry, the bonus room; Everything, all at one time. I dumped 30 years worth of stuff out in the living room to try to sort through and reduce. It is so hard sometimes to let go of stuff. I even still have my Middle school gym suit. I have began this year really letting go of material things. It feels good once it's done but getting there is the hard part. Oh, the messes I have made this month. But I think I am getting closer to where I want to be. I will post seperate pics of some of the projects I have taken on.......

August is such a busy time of year, more so than Christmas. There's the back to school planning and Tyler's Birthday, along with all the other things that always seem to pop up at the same time. It's a little tiring.

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