Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr. Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this puppet at the Edcational wonderland to use for homeschooling. It's made by Melissa and Doug.

What we've been doing with him is the kids get one of there Leapfrog magentic letters off the refrigrator and "feed" him a letter. His mouth holds the letter so they can see it. While he is holding it we have letter discussions. What is the letter, what sound, does it make, can is a word that begins with this letter, etc. Then he "spits" out the letter while saying "that's all for letter a says a like in apple" "I'm still hungry" And the kids laugh soooo hard and run to the kitchen to see who can get his next letter. I can not tell to how much FUN this is.

How he got is name was when the kids asked I had to think of something fast so I glanced at the box and so Melissa and doug and there we had it Mr. Doug was born. I of course change my voice and throw in a bunch of funny stuff. Like his eyes are called Peepers. The kids will listen to Mr. Doug speak for hours if given the chance. I know he is going love his first year of homeschool teaching.

My only complaint with Mr. Doug is that there is not a finger hole for arms, that would be perfect. Maybe if I could learn to saw I could modify him. All well. He is still the coolest!!!!!!

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