Thursday, August 23, 2007

Homemade fair numbers game

I bought these paper cups from the store for Megan to use for playing with and stacking but they did not stack so well, so they became this really fun game. We mounted them onto a box lid so that they would not tip. And we had about 30 little white plastic balls that went along with a air gun Todd's mom gave us a while back. The two went together perfect.

The cups are arranged kind of like skeeball. I did the numbers by 5's. They are learning without relizing it. We set up a bunch of our all rules and how to plays. The kids keep score and have to add up there score. The 5's makes the adding pretty simple for them.

This game is so fun. The first night we made it Todd came home from works and played it with us for I know an hour. We have played it a few times since then and we even used it for one of the games for Tyler's birthday party. Yes it really is that fun!!! And it cost under $2.


Jess said...

Cheap games are the best! What did you use to mount them to the cardboard? Just glue?

April said...

Right now we have double-sided tape on them. Some of the tape has not held up so we plan to go back through with some sort of super glue.