Thursday, April 05, 2007

Missing my SLR

Well, My 30d that I took to Office Depot to have shipped to Canon is now missing. UPS has it under investigation which they said could take until April 11 to complete. Then Office Depot said I'd be looking at about another week from then to recieve a check for the insured value. I have called them almost everyday to get the status and to find out if my camera has turned up, it doesn't look good.
B&H shipped the new 28-135 lens to me but I can't test it because I don't have a working body.
I mailed my Old Rebel in to today to have it repaired while I am waiting to hear the results of my 30d.

I'm dieing being without a slr with all the pretty spring colors and nice weather. Also It looks like I will only have my little A520 for Easter. I've been tempted to tell the kids easter is not until next weekend instead of this weekend so I don't miss any good pictures.

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