Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mustang show

Ben Satcher Ford held a Mustang show today. Todd got to enjoy seeing the cars, I got to enjoy working on my photo skills and Tyler enjoyed meeting new people.

I met Tamie Grookett, a professional photographer here in Columbia(, and she invited me to attend the next Association for Professional Photographers meeting with her. She is such a nice person, and an awesome photographer. I'm so excited I can hardly wait.
We also got to meet Jeff Roper, the new 92 country music station DJ, and Ronald McDonald. Tyler wanted to talk to everyone he noticed that was either sitting in a chair or under one of the canopies. We said he felt sorry for them having to sit there all day. Everyone he met seemed to really enjoy his company. He's really such a unique awesome little person. I know when he grows up he is going to do great things. He is already offering so much good to the world around him. Jeff Roper and the lady with the radio station said he should go into sells because of his strong outgoing personality. I somewhat agree with them. Although I never want my little guy to grow up, I do wish I could see into the future to see where his path takes him.

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