Thursday, March 29, 2007

Camera Bad luck

For my birthday I got the works a new Canon 30d, a couple of lens(100 Macro 2.8, a 50mm 1.8 and the 28-135mmwith IS) as well as 2 Alien Bees 400 and a softbox. I was so excited because I had been battling the err99 on my old original EOS rebel for so long. I sent it to canon and the repair center was a pain and said that it would cost me 195 with shipping to have it checked. So I got all new camera equipment.
Since then I have exchanged the 28-135mm IS lens to B&H twice. The first one was messed up and the 2nd one they sent me they had dropped before shipping it. So I sent it back to them again for exchange, I'm waiting to receive it back. And my new 30D I sent to Canon this week for repairs. The pictures I've gotten for the past 2 months with it have been terrible, my old Rebel and my P&S are taking better pictures. So I figured I would use my old Rebel Body while the 30D was out for repairs but last night I was outside taking pictures of Todd and the kids playing "baseball" and "tennis" and it locked up. I couldn't believe it. We went though troubleshooting and got it to take 1/2 a picture. I spent another 40 minutes on the phone with canon and another sleepless night. So It looks like I may be without my SLR for Easter and the neighborhood egg hunt. I'm so praying that I will got luckly and have it back before easter though. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I'm so lost without the camera in my hand. I have had a camera in my hand for the past 5 years, now I'm like the hunter without a gun, and the fisherman without a fishing rod. Tyler was his usual thoughtful self and said "you can use my camera, it takes great pictures"(he has a little sony point and shoot) and so I thanked him and said I could use my point and shoot. And then later he told me " Mom, you could use the video camera and take video at Easter" I told him that is a great idea. I do not use it nearly as much as I should. Thank goodness for kids like Tyler he is 1 in a million.

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