Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reunited after 10.5 years

Well I've got to share the coolest thing with you. About 1 week ago I had a dream about my mom's sister. (a little history behind this: almost 11 years ago they had a disagreement and had not spoken since. They lived in different states and well that was that. (long personal story)) And then yesterday my mom received a letter from her with her address and email. So I contacted her and we spoke for several hours. I felt so much peace in my heart to hear that she was doing well and really had missed us. The dream I had last week felt like such a sign. She was googling us the same time I had tried googling her. The internet is such a wonderful thing. I can't wait until we all get a chance to get together and see each other and also her and my children will get to meet. I have told them about her. I hope she and my mom will be friends again.

Making 1 decision in 1 minute can change your life forever. Should I be sharing this with the world? Yes, I feel I should. I know that there are probably so many people that hold back on things out of fear. Fear can destroy us. I remember when I was taking some college classes and someone said, "if you KNEW that you would succeed at______, would you do it?" Yes is the answer to this. But I think we let so many things stand in the way of our own happiness. Rather is be fear or jealousy or pride or what the unknown might be. If it's not ment to be then it won't be, but if you fail to try then you have failed in more ways than one. My advice for today is that if it's worth risking then do it. You may not get immediate results but time has a way of changing people and in 10 years who knows were you will be or what you will be doing. I hope my sharing this has helped at least 1 person tonight, if it did then it was worth it for me to type this and share it with you.

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