Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm still here!!!!!

Ok tonight I finally accepted the blogger udgrade, I'm never good at the unknown changes, and I kept thinking my blog might get wiped out if I upgraded but It seems to be ok, thank goodness.
I know I haven't blogged much in the past 3 months but my mind has been so full, and we've been busy. I'm one of those people that although I seem to handle multi tasking great on the outside but the truth is I can only handle 1 thing at a time(this is where IBS comes from, which I must share I finally found a good dr, I will have to share all this in a seperate post, since I have finally found the courage to discuss it). There has been alot going on, I will try to go back and do some updating. Here's a brief summary of the past several months of things that have happened or have really been on my mindI will try to go back and udpate the past few months in more detail also.

  1. Christmas- it was busy!! Me and the kids got to spend Christmas eve with my parents. We had a good time and we all enjoyed each other's company, I was thankful for this time together. Todd got to spend the holidays with his parents as well. I know he enjoyed getting to see them since they are only able to get together a few times a year. CJ(Todd's brother) and Jett/Maxx (the Golden) even got to visit.

  2. The day after Christmas Jared got to fly in and stay for almost a week. We enjoyed having him visit.

  3. My mom found out she has an aortic aneurysm, it's about 3 cm and the dr says he will keep an eye on it. I pray that he does. This has stressed me so much. If anyone has any postive stories to share on these please do.(I can't handle any unhappy ending stories) It's been a really long year for my mom and she's handled things well, I say my prayers that God will hear me and lesson her pains that I know she is living with each day. At 48 years old she should not be dieing. Okay here comes the I must change the subject, moving on

  4. Mom spent New Years at the ER with pain in her lower rib area the doctorss at this hospital really are only practicing in my opinion. The actually said we don't know what's wrong with you, but had no problem sending a bill for $3000. Luckly she had an appointment the next day with her cardiologist and He says he'll be keeping a check on her, Hopefully the pain she has been having will turn out to be something minor. She sees the cardiologist again on Feb2.

  5. Uncle Kenney(my mom's brother,age 49) has spent most of the first part of '07 in the hospital as well. They said his main heart branch is 80% blocked and there are also many other blockages and that he needs to have bypass surgeries for these. He is scheduled for this Feb7, Prayers go out to him and his family. (This has really had my mom stressed which of course stresses me, her doctor stressed to her to not stress and raise her blood pressure and he has doubled her blood pressure med to try to keep it down)

  6. We're Selling the House. Todd calls me and says pick Atlanta or Greenville. Decide fast because there is an opening in Greenville right now. (Then there's that rush of fast change anxiety that I have trouble dealing with) Well I know I'm not living in Atlanta (too busy for me) and he knows I'm always saying how I want to move to Greenville one day but I did not mean this month. So I put out a FSBO sign and in 2 weeks we've had 5 calls and today a family came to see it. So I don't know how long it will take for the house to sell. I have been driving my parents crazy begging them to move to Greenville because I can't go without them. I really want to go but I want them to come with me. Greenville is about 2.5 hours (one way)from there house.

  7. Megan turned 3 on Jan 13th!!!!! I can't believe my baby is 3. She's not suppose to grow up this fast on me. I really do need more time. It seems this is only suppose to be her 1st birthday where did the other 2 years go? She has been such a easy child I have not wished for her to get older.

8.My birthday is Wed. I turn 30. This also has gone fast. Should I be happy to have lived to 30 or sad because life is half over. Turning 30, wow! the 20's are gone can't get those back, maybe that's not such a bad thing the 20's were stressful, I guess my birthday wish will be that the next 10 years will be a little easier. I do know 1 good thing. Todd ordered me the Canon Macro 100 lens that I have been drooling over for sooo long. I saw the email confirmation by accident. He said I was being noisey but it was there when I checked the email. I guess he did not know they would send an email since he called them to order it. I am sooooo excited.

9Also for my birthday Todd's mom was so thoughtful and sent us cards and some money. Me and Megan used ours at Books-A-Million I got 2 more homeschooling books and this really good cookbook called Eating For Life. The recipes have been good so far. (also in Books-a-Million Shopper beware, Tyler who is 6 got to see his first glimpse of sex, I was so embarrassed. Me and my mom for looking at the health books when Tyler hands me a book with a very graphic cover, right behind us was the sexuality section. I picked up 2 of the books and took them to customer service, she was also embarrassed and could not believe it. There where at least 100 of these all laid out for kids to see. She got the manager (who was maybe 22) and he thought it was funny, yes he laughed at me. I was shaking so bad, I took a picture of the aisle and plan to send it to the main office where I'm sure nothing will be done, although I wish they would put these where you had to show an id to view these. They were VERY graphic, the news is so full of people whining and complaining about this or that but what about our kids and the things they are exposed to?)

10.I sent my camera off for repairs this week, I've been dealing with the Err99 for over a year, So I finally sent it. I'm hoping it will be something that can fix with ease. I love my camera. I got it the month after Megan was born. It was the first Canon Digital SLR. It's been a good one and has taken about 80,000 pics so I guess it's really for some TLC. I hope I will get it back soon because I'm going to be dieing to try out my new lens.

11. 1 more thing for those that are still with me at this point in my ramblings...... Me and Tyler have started exercising. We started Friday working out with the people on fit TV. The guy we discovered was fun and we could follow along with is called Gilad. We went this weekend to Target and got some dumbbells so that we will be ready this week. Friday we used soup cans. I'm excited to have an exercising buddy. Megan tried to keep up then gave up and kept repeating"I'm too little" She's so cute:) So anyway the exercise will be great for us! We have also started changing our diet, by removing some of the unhealthy fats and cholesterol and replacing them with lower fat versions and whole wheat, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

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Homeschool Housewife said...

My dad had 5 aortic aneurysms and had them removed in 2 surgeries (one 6 years ago, one 5) and while the surgeries are TOUGH, they had very good results. My dad did have some complications with the second surgery but they were because the Dr did not notice a birth defect that gave him only one full kidney and a little part of a second kidney, so that is a strange occurance and not to be worried over.

My understanding is that the lower the aneurysm the easier the surgery, the closer to the heart the riskier it is.

I have not found another post yet where you talk about this, so let me know, if it is something that you are still worrying over.