Wednesday, December 06, 2006

102.3 degrees

The first colds of the season are here. First Tyler had it now tonight Megan is down with it. His fever was only 99 degrees and a pretty bad cough so I gave him some cold meds. Well today Tyler was doing alot better so we tried to catch up on some of our school work. But Megan wasn't eating much (this is not her at all she will eat all day) and she was laying around. So Todd came home and she didn't even get up to great him. Then I hear Todds voice..."Hey, Megan has a fever"......I tried to pretend I didn't hear this. I checked her temp and it was 102.3. So I'm sitting here with her so she will feel better. Poor thing. She looks so pitiful. I know she'll be better in a day or two. And then It will most likely be either mine or Todds turn. Just as soon as the kids recharge and are feeling great I will be feeling miserable. Isn't that how it usually goes. At least they don't get sick very often, and also thank goodness for Laptops. Maybe I might do some updating on my blog.

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