Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Show lineup this season

I've been so excited about all the shows starting back. I've never been a big t.v. person but this season I will be logging some hours. Beginning Sunday nights 9:00 with Despereate Housewives, followed by Tuesday 8:00 I will be glued to my favorite show Gilmore Girls, and then Thurs at 9:00 I will be tuning in to Grey's Anatomny. I'm so happy it moved to a new night and time. I hope Meredith and Dr McDreamy get back together.
I want to see Rori and Logan staying together and I think I kind of want Lorilei and Luke back together if the writers will fix some of his issues.

And on Desperate Housewives anything and everything does happen so I'll just tune in and see what the writers come up with.

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