Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Billy's 23rd Birthday!!!!

Today was a great day. We got to celebrate Billy's birthday. Me and Tyler made cards last night for Billy and this morning Tyler woke me up ready for a party. (of course he's thinking 6 year old party full of bells and whistles not the boring grown up kind) The weather was a gorgeous day outside so we decided to spend the day outside. Me and the kids met up with Billy and mom at Charlie's Park and had KFC, let the kids play and gave Billy his present and cards. Instead of a cake we had cookies. Then we went for a golf cart ride to the pond to get a lilypad for mom( I wished I had taken my camera with me, I really missed some great shots here), and peeked in some of the new houses that are being built in the neighborhood. I wasn't sure how much battery charge we had left but once again we made it back home with barely enough charge. I wish daddy and Todd would have had the day off, but I'm sure they enjoyed getting to hear about the fun day we had. Billy, Thanks so much for letting us share your day with you! I hope you always know how very much you mean to us and that we love you very much.

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