Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mom, So proud of you!!!

In March mom was told she had to stop smoking, begin a healthy exercise routine, bring more changes to her diet, and take some prescriptions, or if she choose not to then she could lose her leg or both and/or die as a result of the long term damage that had been done from an unhealthy lifestyle. Within a week of this news was mom's very last cigarette!!!! The exercise has not been easy I know because there is still so much pain and swelling in her legs, but I do have faith that over time it will improve, it has to, right? And mom is trying so hard to eat better, I know it's so hard when you are raised up on such terrible meat and potato diets to make a switch and to understand what good and what's not good for your body. I keep saying "fresh is Best" and stick with the food pyramid, it knows what our bodies are suppose to have. Mom said since she stopped smoking she now craves sweets and I made the mistake of starting her on muffins. Now she loves making them I think. I believe the cravings will eventually go away.
I can not imagine how hard it is to give up something that has been a part of your entire life. I still haven't stopped drinking mountain dew. And you have been able to quit smoking even though daddy, who made so many promises at the hospital that he would try to quit as well, is smoking even more. We will pray for him and I do hope that when the time is right God will hear us and give him the strength he needs to quit. God has been answering so many of my prayers lately that I am embarrassed of myself that for so long I doubted him.
Mom, you have been so strong and I am am so proud of you!!!!! Keep up the great work and don't get discouraged. We love you!!!
I found a few websites and thought I'd share a few:

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