Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My review of Scrapbook bags

Out of the 3 bags pictured my favorite to date is All My Memories - Tote-ally Cool On-The-Go Craft Bag I read the hype on the two peas message board for some time but when AC Moore began carring them I decided to use a coupon and try it out just to see. Well..... Picture 2 shows all the stuff I have in it. All this and I still have plenty of room! The scrappers purse is what I used before the AMM Tote-ally tote and I did like it but It didn't hold as much. And then I bought the other bag in the picture at Micheal's because it looked as though it would hold more and be easier to access but this was not the case either. Nope so far none of the other bags compared to the AAM Tote. This really is a great bag for the money.

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