Sunday, October 22, 2006

I got to Scrapbook today!!!

Today Todd was in Michigan, it was raining outside, and most of my housework was caught up. The kids were begging to paint. So I set them up to paint which they took over my entire table. So I sat on the floor next to them I got a page done. I was so happy, especially since my order of 447 pictures arrived last night from Winkflash. I spent an hour sorting though and looking at them. I love winkflash. They make picture printing so affordable. .12 per 4x6 and a flat rate .99 shipping. It's the best deal I've found so far. And i think the quality has been great with each order I've received from them. Now I have to see if I can squeeze in some more time to scrap a few of the other 443 pictures I received. I haven't made the extra time for scrapbooking since school started back. It seems there's always so many other things to do or I'm to tired(lazy) or there's always so many other things needing my time more. But this 1 layout felt good today...

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