Friday, October 27, 2006

Tyler's first lost tooth!!...... Gone!

Tyler lost his first baby tooth tonight. This tooth has driven him crazy all week. And then tonight I made peanut butter cookies..... He kept getting into the cookie dough and eating it. A few minutes later I hear "mom, I don't feel my tooth anymore" It was gone!! Can you believe it stuck to the cookie dough and he swallowed it. I had a feeling he would swallow it. I had even told him it could happen sometime when it was eating. I really did not want him to lose his baby teeth. I really wish he could stay little forever. I love the ages he and Megan are at right now. I know it will never get any better than it is right now. Tomorrow he'll be off to college and too busy to play.
He's such a sweet little boy. All week he's been telling me that when his tooth falls out he wants me to have it for my scrapbook. What a sweetie!!!. Since I've already told him the tooth fairy...... easter bunny.... santa...... all that stuff isn't really real he won't have to stress about not being able to leave it for the tooth fairy. I did tell him he can leave his teeth under his pillow and that I would play tooth fairy and exchange his teeth for money if he wants too. After all it took him over 6 years to grow these teeth.
After he relized he had swallowed his first loose tooth the first thing he told me after trying to figure out how he could get it out of his stomach was that he wanted me to have his next tooth for my scrapbook since he swallowed this one. Yes, he's always thinking about other people. I don't know if they get much more thoughtful than this!!!

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