Monday, September 25, 2006

Yellowhead Jawfish

I fell in love with these little guys the first time I saw a family of them at the zoo. So I had Fishy Business put one on there order form for me. Well they got one in and he died before I even had a chance to see him, so they placed another one on there order form. So 1 week later they called me and said they had one for me and he had begun eating on his own. So I picked him up on Friday and by Monday he had died. So I guess it's just not meant for me to have one. I know I don't want to risk another $39 to try again. I was bummed. All weekend I tried to get him to come out and eat but he just refused. He was so small and scared.

So I think our tank will have to be happy with Tyler's puffer which he loves checking on and Megan's Clown fish.

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