Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another polymer

The other day when we went to FoodLion with Nana Tyler bought another one of these grow in water animals. They are nothing like the little ones we played with when I was a child. They've really come far with these things.
Of course we did the drill of measuring him before placing him in water. He was about 5.5 inches. By the second day in water he had grown to the size of our glass baking dish. And it was time for him to relocate to the kids bathroom. This weekend when the kids weren't looking I threw him in the trash. Yes, I know what a terrible mom. I know people must wonder about us having these things around the house. This one was looking a little creepy he expanded so much. But if you get a chance you've gotta buy one of these things for your kids they really are neat how much water they can hold. The Alligator we did had an information sheet that came with him and it explained the history of polymers and how they where made to hold the amount of water that they do.

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