Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yard Work today

Today I decided that since the kids were at nana's I would take on some of the yard work needing to be done. I am forever fighting a weed at some part of the yard. And the pinestraw really drives me crazy. So I tried cleaning up around the house. And then when Todd got home he said he'd help me start fresh by removing all the old pinestraw and laying down some black plastic and then putting down some nice fresh pinestraw. While we were at it I decided I would love to see the Juniper bushed gone. They are so nasty and such a pain(Just my opinon of these). So Todd dug up all 10 of them for me. This project took longer than I thought it would. I took some pictures so the kids could see the mess we had. We have to get up in the morning and try to finish it before they get home. I could not believe all the creatures we kicked up. There were plenty of beeltes, and these other little centipede looking things, and a couple of skinks, a huge toad, some lizards, and one of the creapiest looking spider I think I have ever seen.

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