Saturday, September 16, 2006

New neighbors

Today Tyler got to ride bikes and play with the new kids that moved to the neighborhood. Mostly the neighborhood has been made up of teenagers, girls, and retired couples. I knew that since there was new contrustion happening it would not be long until some kids would begin moving in. These guys are still a little older than Tyler but at least they play outside and share some of his interests. They rode the go-cart and bikes, had water fights, played with Tyler's RC rustler. All that fun stuff. Here is a picture of Tyler running behind his Go-cart. I wondered when they would take out the fence but it survived one one time.
Megan Hung out with me half the time and the other half of the time she chased behind those guys. The weather was so great we even got to go for a golf cart ride around the pond. We call the golf cart Tyler's social mobile. We are always out in the neighborhood meeting the people that are out and about; also the new people that move in. Tyler always asks if he can bake them some cookies. I guess just another reason to bake cookies!! Tyler is without a doubt the most social little person I have ever met... ever!!!

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