Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Festival

  • For Labor Day we went to Chapin to the annual Labor Day Festival. We missed the parade that morning because I really thought it might rain it was so foggy and full of clouds, but I was wrong. The Chapin Fellowship Church had free face painting for the kids. Tyler and Megan loved this and the lady did a wonderful job. We were pretty impressed with the dragon she painted on Tyler's cheek. And Megan picked a pony. There were other things there like health screenings, food, rides, Avon, Mary kay, that sort of stuff. But since it was nearing the end of the event we headed to the petting zoo. It was great. Megan and Tyler loved the pony ride. They had the following animals:
  • Camel
  • Monkey
  • baby cow
  • a baby Kangaroo
  • ferrets
  • Snakes
  • baby goats
  • bunnies
  • a turtle
  • a goose

And this really awesome Cockatoo. He was the sweetest bird I've held. He loved being held and petted. He even let Tyler hold him and Megan pet him. The animals were really tame. This was worth the drive.

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