Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our "Classroom"

This room is really the formal dining room, but since we had the breakfast area off the kitchen it worked better for the dining room table and the dining room worked great as the office. I had planned for this school year to switch the Bonus/Playroom downstairs into center for learning but no matter what it seemed like we still did everything in this small space so here it is....our center for seatwork. I keep our extra supplies downstairs in the playroom and maybe as we outgrow this space we will move down there but for now here we are. It works great. Megan has her little table and coloring books right beside us which she pushes as close to my desk as she can. And when Tyler takes his small breaks to play outside I can keep an eye on him while I get our next lesson ready. Some days Mr. Jinx joins in on our school work. Another one of the advantages to homeschooling is on the really nice weather days we can ride the golf cart down to the park for lunch or enjoy lunch out on the trampoline. This week the weather was so great we got to do both. This is our main work area but my goal is for Tyler to undstand that school is really all around him and that everywhere he goes and everything he does should be an oppurtunity to learn something new.

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