Monday, September 04, 2006

Fishy Business

On the way back from the Labor day festival Todd suggested that we stop by Fishy Business to pick up a Koi Fish for my mom's new pond. I thought that was so sweet of him. So while we there getting my mom's fish we let the kids also pick out fish for our tank. We always like to buy fish when they are smaller because it's alot cheaper. Megan's been wanting a Dori and Nemo fish because of the movie, and Tyler has been asking for a puffer fish. Well today was there lucky day because Fishy Business had a small nemo and a small puffer fish. The puffer fish Tyler got was a Valentini Puffer he looks kind of like a mix of the Picasso trigger and Sailfin tang that we used to have before we moved. And Megan got an Ocellaris Clownfish aka Nemo. I still have a Yellowhead Jawfish on my wishlist.

When we got the fish home Mr. Jinx was so excited to see them. He was dieing for them to get released from there bag, and when we did release them I think it kept him busy all night watching them swim. I was really surpised though... that when we added them to our tank how mean our Damsels were. Normally they are scared little fish that hide from us. Not tonight they were too busy being bullies to the new fish to even notice that we were around. And one of the damsels kept fanning the sand at the bottom of the tank. So I'm going to call Fishy business and ask them to guide me. I believe I will have a few damsels headed for a trade in tomorrow.

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