Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morphin' Gators

Nana got Tyler this really neat Morphin' Gator science kit for his birthday. The kit includes 2 alligators. You have to place them in water and then measure them every 24 hours and record the growth. Before we added him to water he measured 4 1/2 inches. Each night that we measured him he had grown more. After a few nights he outgrew the glass baking dish we had him in and got to move up in the world. Next it was the bathtub for him. Last night we got some pictures of how big he is. The paperwork advertises that he will grow from 4 inches - 16 inces in less than 2 weeks. And this one was right. The kids have gotten so used to checking on him each morning, noon, and night that you would think he really was alive. How am I going to break it to them that he can not live in our bathroom forever?
Mr. Jinx is really fasinated by it. I've had to keep the bathroom door closed to keep him away from it.

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Jess Elliott said...

Very cool gator! We had a frog that grew in water like that, but we didn't think to measure it. I wonder if the gator weighed more each day as it absorbed the water? We have a little postal scale we got from Office Depot. We may have to borrow this idea from you!