Sunday, August 27, 2006

Table Rock Mountain, SC

I keep bugging Todd about how much I wish we lived closer to somewhere that has stuff to do like hiking and that has more homeschool activities. I keep thinking that I really would enjoy living somewhere near Greenville. I've been thinking of all the pros of living there and this is a few of what I came up with:

  • It's close to Asheville (which appears to have a good bit of homeschooling events)
  • It has a new waterpark
  • It's within an hour to plenty of nature trails and waterfalls
  • there is also dirtbike trails, rc shops, and race tracks
  • there's all the major shopping centers
  • Todd could transfer there and be able to keep his same job
  • We could still drive to the beach if we wanted to

Okay so maybe actually moving might be a little extreme right now. But maybe in a few years it could happen. Maybe; you just never know......

So anyway, We decided to get in the car and take off. The car ride went pretty good. I read one of Tyler's Magic Treehouse books(the Mummy one) to everyone, and I walked through the exercises that came with the fraction set I had picked up at Wal-mart with Tyler, he caught on pretty easy to the fractions. Before we knew it we were in Greenville. First Todd showed me the road where his company has an office. The area looked really nice. Then we headed for Table Rock. I can't believe we've been together 13 years and finally went. We've been saying forever that we were going to see it.

The trails were so pretty. Tyler and Megan did great hiking them. Todd carried Megan over the water and helped hold her hand on the hard to climbs areas. Tyler stuck right behind me ready to make tracks. I would love to be able to come here every weekend. We decided that it was a little warm and humid right now but we are going to plan to return in October or November when the leaves are changing colors and we will be able to enjoy all the fall colors and cooler crisper air. I can't wait!!!!

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