Friday, March 02, 2012

Pond Dipping:)

A few years ago we did a pond study nature class and ever since it's been one of our favorites.  When I got home I printed a chart just like our teacher Miss. Chanda used and laminated it so there is no worry about it getting wet.  We did another Nature Class recently and our teacher Ranger Jay had these really great, inexpensive, portable microscopes! I came right home and ordered one! Only $63.99 Shipped!  I am so glad I did too. We've been getting so much use out of it! Yesterday my husband had a vacation day so we took it to one of our favorite ponds and got to see so much detail of the little pond critters.  There was even some pond life that was the size of an ink pen tip but under the Microscope we could see him so clearly kicking his little back legs!

I placed each critter in the Petri Dish and matched it up on our chart to take a picture of it. 

 After we finished our pond study I gave the kids their nature journals to work in and then we went for a nice walk. It was a great day!

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