Friday, November 05, 2010

I did it!!!

Finally I took Megan shopping tonight for some winter clothes:) Anyone that knows me knows how much I HATE shopping especially for clothes!!! The only retail store I actually like going to is Target and we've been checking there each time we've been and they just did not have the right clothes for her.  Target had lots of pretty sweaters and some cute dresses but not for my dirt digging, tree climbing daughter!   So after some friends suggested Kohl's I finally made it in there and I'm so glad I did!   We even found some things we both agreed on.  These little outfits really fit the bill.....they are kind of cute while still allowing her the movement to climb and explore. Oh, and the best part was the price!!! She can mess these up and it's not a big deal. So glad I will not have to do this again until late spring:)

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