Monday, November 08, 2010

Cauliflower Mushroom

A few weeks ago when we were at Sesqui State Park me and the kids found this interesting looking Fungi. We took it to the ranger station and asked them if they knew what it was and they said they had no idea. So we asked if we could take it with us since we know park rules say you are not to take things from the state parks.  The ranger looked at me as if I was nuts asking to have this yucky looking thing.  So we put it in a zip lock bag because it was full of lots of bugs.  We then took it to our very good friend Miss. Chanda--she can figure out what anything is! She is the most incredible person I've ever met.   Well she emailed me and shared her findings.  This brain looking Fungi is a Cauliflower Mushroom, according the the internet it may stimulate the immune system and have anti-tumor properties.  You just never know what you may find when out on a nature walk!  


Wendy said...

Oh yeah! So, she did let you know already :) I think she said it was edible too!

We missed you yesterday! I hope you're feeling better today!

April said...

Yes, it is. Isn't that crazy and suppose to be good for you. I'm pretty sure I could not bring myself to eat it--Oh it smelled so bad!!!!

I really, really missed you guys yesterday:( Thank you, Wendy! I am actually feeling so much better today than I have felt all week!