Monday, October 27, 2008

Ready for Halloween

Today me and the kids headed to Wal-mart to get everything we needed to be ready for Halloween. In our old neighborhood Halloween was not celebrated much due to safety concerns but here it has been a big event each year that we look forward to. We know most of our neighbors and they are such great people, I love that the kids are able to create these great Halloween memories that I know are hard to find in this day and time. Many of our neighbors already have there houses and yards decorated and Megan keeps wanting to know when are we ever going to decorate ours. So today I took them and got Candy and little bags to stuff the candy in, in which Megan and Tyler had a lot of fun filling. We also got a neat Spiderweb reusable tablecloth, some cute Halloween paper plates, cupcakes, and orange Halloween Oreos. And the most important thing........the white fluffy SpiderWebs for decorating the front porch. I also grade a box of the purple Halloween lights that I thought would look neat. So tomorrow I will docorate the porch while the kids munch on the Candy apples I grabed on our way out of the store. And then it's just the wait until Friday in which I am planning to make Chili and Paula Dean's Bread bowl recipe---We did this year before last and loved it so this may become a new tradition I think, well that and the cheese dip recipe that's really good and warm. I will have to post the recipes on here in case anyone else is wanting to try them out.

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