Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Explode the Code

This is a picture of Megan's Explode the Code 1 book. After she put her X on the correct pictures I let her color the pictures. I know I hear people say they do not want to try out Explode the code or Saxon Math because of the black and white pages but here is a great example of why the black and white pages are SO very wonderful. While she was busy coloring I had extra time to help Tyler. I'm not sure If I have mentioned it in the past or not but I remember for so long I would not try Explode the code but then I gave in and I have been really happy ever since. Tyler is also one of those kids that hates workbooks and writing but these are different. They are funny and really silly. I can tell if he is reading the material because he can not wait to come tell me what it says and I hear him laughing. That's the way learning is suppose to be. Now if could just find a way to get that Star Wars curriculum going, that would be a perfect school year because these guys are big fans.

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Jessica said...

Hey, when I taught 1st grade in Timmonsville, we used Saxon Math. I absoultely LOVED it! The repetition is perfect for small children trying to learn basic concepts. And I loved the fact drills, math curriculum is getting away from those. The basic facts are sooo critical for children to master. It just builds on future learning.